Serama Chicks... PEEPING


9 Years
Sep 12, 2010
West "By God" Monroe, La
My week and a half Seramas are growing up really fast.. Their wings are developing faster than any chick I've had in the past. Last night they slept over night for the first time, but tonight... It is though they have been drinking coffee... Flying all around their brooder, and Peeping REALLY LOUDLY. I can get one out and put it on my chest and all it wants to do it fly from my head back down, then back up. Food and water are full, poop seems to be normal, if not just a little firm. Feeding 20% starter, and plain tap water. Every once in a while a crushed frito.. you walk close, or get in front of their cage, they rush the door waiting to be let out. I covered their brooder tonight with a blanket and it seems to calm them a little. Is this normal serama behavior? They were soooo loud once tonight that you could hear them outside by my big girls coop about 75 feet away from the house. They are brooding inside.

Just wondering.
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