serama hatching eggs 24+ mostly size a's and b's

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  1. mbrobbins

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    Mar 12, 2008
    Powder Springs, ga
    eggs that are no more than 5 days old today (unless some of the extras that I include might be a 6th day old. Most of my hens have finally got over their broodiness and the laying has picked up. Shipping is sometimes hard on serama eggs, so have no guarantee, but I get at least 65-70% hatch here, but claim no guarantee because of the method of incubation or USPS handling. I ship priority and bubble wrap. Would like to ship these on Wednesday. Only within the lower 48 states.Email me for pics and my paypal address is my email address [email protected]
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    I would take advantage of this deal in a heartbeat, except I'm broke right now! Is there any chance that I could take advantage of this deal just a little bit down the road? I'd prefer to slip them under a broody rather than put them in one of my incubators. Or perhaps in the spring? I'm hoping... [​IMG]
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    Just vouching for the fact that mbrobbins is a great seller! She included extras, was very easy to communicate with, shipped immediately (and my eggs arrived in ONE day from her to California! :O), and her packaging was great. The post office was a bit hard on them even with her excellent packaging, but even considering that there are sixteen growing, moving all around, and doing great on day thirteen! I'm very pleased and hoping for a good hatch in about a week. [​IMG] I'll probably be getting more eggs from her again somewhere down the road once my chicks are a bit older. [​IMG]

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