Serama Hen Indoors?

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8 Years
Oct 11, 2011
I would love to eventually have keep a serama hen indoors. Would this be too inhumane? To me it doesn't seem to be too much different than keeping a parrot. I would probably have a large cage, and let her out sometimes too, with a chicken diaper on. I would give her alot of attention- and would get her young, to raise her inside. I would be her companion. Would this work? If she never went outside it wouldn't bee too dirty.
Chickens are flock animals, so I would get two so she won't be lonely.

Also, bear in mind poultry emit lots of dust. But if you are ok with that then I would say get her a friend.

You are her friend of course, but there are times when you won't be available and she will be happier if not alone.

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