Serama hen not doing well, please, please help.!!!!!


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5 Years
Dec 19, 2014
South West Georgia
My little Serama had an egg break inside her couple of weeks ago. She got a little better , but now very thin not eating very well, so scared i might lose her. I've been giving her Nutri-Drench,and Calcium Drench, about 1/2 cc of the Nutri,and 1/4ccCalcium two times a day(can i give more). Also started 1/4cc/ml of Tyland 50 all i have, once a day. She is a class a Hen, so she is small. I have put her in a warm bath, she has white poop coming out of her vent. Please help, she is very thin.
You might consult with a local vet for some better antibiotics to treat possible egg yolk peritonitis or E.coli infection. Tylan is good for respiratory and some enteritis, but enrofloxacin may be better. There is a thread called "baytril and enrofloxacin sources," that gives sellers and dosages.

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