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10 Years
May 19, 2009
I have an extra Serama that I picked up in a package deal. I really like his type, but I am not interested in working on his color. I'd like him rehomed soon, but I can hang on to him for a couple weeks and deliver him to the Ohio Nationals. I'm not showing there, just visiting, so you would need to meet me at a specific time in the morning. I am just passing through on my way to another city, and I doubt if I'm taking him with me if I miss you. And I'd like to ask for maybe ten bucks for my entry fee and parking for the event. Otherwise, I can ship him out Monday for $50. If I wanted his color, I'd pay $50 for him. If you want him and can send me the money, please post 'sold' here on the forum. That way, nobody has to wait for a reply to his 'is he still available' PM.

What I know:
  • He is around 17 ounces
  • He has yellow legs and red earlobes
  • The black on him has the desireable beetle green sheen
  • He is fertile. Just for kicks, I put eggs from his pen in the incubator, and they are progressing nicely.
What I don't know:
  • His age. His spurs tell me that he's well over a year, but I couldn't guess beyond that
  • His breeder. I am told he came from Jerry Schexdayder, but he's not wearing a legband that can verify that.
  • How he was kept. I suspect wire, because of the long toenails that he came with and his habit of sleeping on the floor. Not important, but that's why he ignores the roost.
  • Whether he is true exchequer or overmottled. Exchequer is mottling and dominant white over extended black, and mottled lacks the dominant white. Anyone's guess here, unless you have an extended black to test him with (like an OEGB). I have one if you need her. She has a wheaten father, but the chicken calculator says that it should work. Wait, you know what? The black hen's father is also split for mottled. I'll have to go out and check for white tips on her. If she's all black, she'll work; if she carries mottle, she'll hatch you all kinds of colors, and you still won't be any closer to knowing. LMK if you need to know, because I'll forget to check if you don't remind me.
  • What's going on with his comb. Some people claim that a big floppy comb can have genetic or environmental causes. I don't know. Give him some sunshine and see what happens.

Post any questions here, or PM me. I may only get back here once a day, so if I can't arrange for shipping by Monday afternoon, it'll have to wait until the next week. Unless you want to chance Wednesday shipping. It will be impossible for me to get him out Tuesday.
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Okay, I just went and looked at the OEGB hen's feathers anyway. She does have some tiny white tips on a couple feathers. I believe that she is split for mottled, so if you are looking to breed a true exchequer, she will not help you test the male I'm offering. The hen's mother is self-blue, so she will work. Only problem is, she is a super pet and I am not in a hurry to see her leave. It will take $15 and a promise that she can ride around on your shoulder occasionally to pry her from my hands.
She is. I know that it's considered scandalous for a Serama breeder to own an OEGB, but she's a nice pet and I like her.

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