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    Mar 26, 2011
    I have outdoor free range chickens. We lost a couple due to being roosters and a few to a racoon I think. Well...we went to a farm where a man was getting rid of his chickens to pick up a couple more hens.

    They were not deplorable conditions....but they werent the best either. They chickens were healthy and well taken care of, I just personally, they didnt have enough outdoor room. We took 3 hens from him, and they are already loving the free ranging life.

    WELL.....he had this tiny sweet Serema hen. He didnt even KNOW what she was...she was part of a lot of hens he got at a swap or something (he did fairs and livestock swaps). He had her all alone in a little cage outside. We felt so sorry for her. We didnt take her at the time b/c we didnt know what to do with her. Then on the way home, we just kept feeling worse and worse that we left her there. So I sent the man an email letting him know we wanted her too, and asking when we could come get her.

    SO hopefully we will be adding a Serema hen to our group soon. I am assuming outdoor free ranging wouldnt be the best set up for her. And since she is the only one, should I keep her inside (and we are completely fine with her being inside)? If I do, what kind of set up do I need? Can I use an old birdcage? How do I set this up..... Help me so I can help this bird!


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    Jun 21, 2011
    The woman I get my Serama chicks from lets her birds free range, they are more likely to be taken by hawks.
    Also seen where people keep them inside in like a large rabbit cage and fence off an area outside for them to go out in.
    Also seen people put chicken diapers on them an let them free range the house! lol
    basically its all personal preferance..

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