Serious help needed to integrate newbies!!!


10 Years
Apr 22, 2009
We have 6 older Rhodies and 10 new ones who get along fine, they are all in the coop together and all free range together. My 3 Banties and duck however are a different story. They are all about the same age, but whenever the Banties and duck are free ranging, my older ladies literally attack them, jump on them, peck them, gang up on them, etc. they are in a dog kennel at night right next to the Rhodies and during the day they are in an outdoor kennel so the older girls can see them then too. The older girls even peck at the outdoor kennel to try to get to them. The new ones are just about 17 weeks old now and we need to get them together but I'm scared and don't want anyone getting hurt or worse :-( please, please help!!!
RIR's are notorious bullies. I have five and they are the meanest in my flock. I have three Easter Eggers that are going on 12 weeks old. They free range with the flock (31 - 30 hens and 1 rooster) with no problems, but refuse to go into the coops at night because they get picked on. They find a high spot under the barn and roost there. I put them in one night by hand, and they were cowering in abject fear the next day because the RIR's were bullying them. So, I am just leaving them be for a while longer, then I'll start putting them in the smaller coop since the RIR hens seldom roost in that one. You may have to make a separate place for them since you have so many RIR birds. I love my RIR's, by the way, but they can be problem children to other birds.
I have 7 one year old RIR (2nd gen flock) with 6 Easter Eggers (22 wks old- 3rd gen flock) along with 18 wk olds and 2.5 yr olds (1st gen flock) other type breeds in one coop and big extended run. They coexist together and roost together since the young ones were 15 wks old. I put them together with partitions since they were 10-12 wks old and removed the barriers after a month or so.
I was worried at first how they will do together but w/ expert advise from @aart, @Beekissed, @Folly's place and other wisdom rich flock keepers, I added multiple feeders & waterers (no one is blocked from food & water, and multiple roosts & L-shape low walls for hiding places. So far my integration experience within 2 springs (2014-2016) went well. Thanks for the experienced advises from BYC people.

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