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11 Years
Mar 5, 2011
Traverse City, MI
I have posted a couple questions regarding my 14 week old hens leg issue. I'd like to explain what I've discovered so far with help from all of you and see if there are any new thoughts.

-She's been limping for about a week but seems to be getting more lethargic.
-Her leg does not stick out in any weird direction and has some voluntary movement.
-Her toes react to my finger.
-She is eating and drinking.
-Her dropping are normal, not runny or containing any blood.
-She can move the leg but has less control than the "good" leg.
-Her hock (knee joint?) is not swollen. Sorry I don't have all the terminology down.

My latest discovery are two grape size lumps between her hock and hip joint on the front of her Femur. Her femur and hip are intact. The lumps are located one then the next, not side by side, and are NOT red and hot. When she lays on her back she will relax and let both legs straighten but the injured leg stretches out way farther.

I know that's a lot of information but if anyone has any ideas I would sure appreciate it. My plan is to keep her comfortable spending sometime in a sling so she doesn't loose muscle in her good leg, sometime doing a little PT with me in the yard as she does like to "hobble" around to forage and sunbath and the remaining time resting in a pet carrier.

We both thank you for any help.

I don't know what else to suggest....I am sure someone else will chime in for you. She's really beautiful! Hmmmmm...sounds like she has an infection brewing. I just lost my dear Attlila the hen to a swollen and infected joint...took her to the vethad her on antibiotics...thought she was going to make it but I think her heart just gave out she was 7 yo. My vet performed a needle biopsy and said she had a full blown infection and the only indicator was swelling!
She could be lethargic because she's in pain or lonely....keep me posted so sorry you're going through this with your girl.
I ended up having to put my roo with similar symptoms (minus the lumps) in a dog crate for a full week. The cage was put in an unused, quiet room to keep him from jumping around. I only went in to feed, water, and change the towel lining the bottom of the cage. He was not a happy camper but went from unable to walk to perfectly normal in 7 days.

Lumps could be swelling from an injury or an infection. If there is infection you will need antibiotics.

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