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Jul 8, 2018
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You have two choices. You can repair the wound to the crop so she can again eat and process her food or you can choose to euthanize. Simply spraying the wound, unless it's a very small hole, won't get it to heal before she dies of starvation.

If you post some closeups of the wound, and do trim away the feathers, we can better suggest how to close the wound using super glue.

A third option, not available to very many folks, is a vet that could close up the wound.
Why... would one want to risk using super glue when it likely causes more harm than good?

Anyways I’m done here. :p Good luck with your bird OP.


Nov 3, 2020
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Super glue (the liquid not any of the fancy gels) is great if you use it correctly. You cant seal the whole injury, it needs room to drain. I assume liquid bandaid would work the same way. Super glue was originally created for field medics to close wounds when they didnt have time to stitch them up. It's fine to use. Obviously it's got strong vapors so be very sparing near the face, but otherwise theres nothing wrong with it. WAY better than trying to take out stitches later, IMO.


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May 31, 2019
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If super glue is ill-advised, there are many injuries in many species, that have recovered from an injury mended with it. Super glue is something most folks have on hand so it's suggested if someone needs help right away.
I certainly don't want to offend or go back and forth with anyone, but @azygous is a literal life saver for many and always trys her best to offer assistance with supplies that most folks have on hand.

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