Serious laying problem.

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    Nov 12, 2009
    First off, I’ve got probably 18 or so egg-laying age hens, 1 ½ years old of various dual purpose breeds. About a month ago they decreased their laying output when they were molting. That’s understandable. Now everyone’s got shiny new feathers, have had them for a little over a week. Not one egg. Literally, no one is laying. When I was a kid we had a laying flock of Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks. They didn’t do this. It slowed a little for molting, but then picked back up again. I know my birds are healthy and they are getting enough to eat. I honestly can’t figure out what has caused this. It not cold out yet, by the way. I’m out in Nevada, the days and nights both are still hot. I’m not new to chickens, but this is the first batch that I’ve actually bought on my own. I’d like to keep them, but give me the word and I’ll have an order of new layers send out and spend a weekend filling the freezer. I’m pretty close to doing this anyway, but I’d like everyone’s opinions on it first. Thanks. :]
    Any info I missed, just ask.
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    Your hours of sunshine are decreasing. Put an energy efficient light on the pens and see if you don't have an increased amount of eggs. Also, check for lice ad mites, which often occur because of a moult and lastly check for an egg snake ..... these have been plentiful for many this season.

    Great luck and give the light trick about 5 weeks to kick in!
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    Don't give up on your girls. I read on another thread on BYC that the slow down/stopping of laying during & after a molt is nature's way of letting them take a well deserved rest. They should pick back up with the laying when their bodies are ready.

    I did read that you can increase the amount of protein in the feed and have light in the coop for 12-15 hours to encourage them back into laying. I've not had to try that yet.

    Out of 15 hens that are in an active molt, I'm getting 2-3 eggs a day. Yesterday was a banner day with 7 eggs, but today, back at 2.
    No worries. I know they are healthy and they will resume laying eventually. That's what chickens do.
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    Nov 12, 2009
    Alright, I'll give them more time. [​IMG] I was just curious because my family's chickens of the same breed didnt do this. I was egg collector, and during molt the production would be cut down to about 30%, but climb back up agian. I got a womping number of Zero eggs today. Ive only seen garden and rattle snakes here. Does anyone know if a squirl can take an egg?

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