Servicing the Lyon Turn-X Incubator

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    I recently acquired an old Lyon/Marsh TX-6 incubator. The paperwork suggests it is from the late 1980s--is this possible?

    Anyway, before I use it I thought I'd tear it down and give it the "once over."

    I read somewhere that a company out in Portland oils the motor when servicing these units. Before I get too far into this project, does anyone know how and where to apply the oil?

    Other than a thorough cleaning, are there any other items I should address before my first run?

    Thank you!


    BTW, It is a manual turn, so if anyone has an AT-1 turner for this I'd be interested in it. Also need a 27-spot Pheasant/Bantam turning ring. I can't wait to use it!
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    Apr 20, 2007
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    Late 80's? Sure no problem. Lyon/Marsh goes way back. I have one Turn X so old that it uses a light bulb for heat and a bi-metal thermostat. Some day I should line up my collection and take some pictures to share.
    I did the same with my first TX6 as to the tear down and cleanup. It was well used and had a coating of dust on the fan blades and elsewhere. I just used a drop of oil where the shaft exits the motor, I don't recall if the other end was accessible. If it was I would have oiled there too. You don't want much. A drop of 3-in-1 or sewing machine oil on the end of a toothpick will do the job. Handle the electronic thermostat carefully. Its fairly fragile and wouldn't be hard to damage.
    McMurray hatchery , and I'm sure others as well sell the turner and replacement rings and other parts. Costly, but available.
    Wondering what paperwork you got with yours. Sales literature? Instructions? I have the instruction sheet available in a pdf if you need it. Would like to see a scan of other literature you may have received if possible.
    hth, db
  3. stevetone

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    Well, I tore into it. The motor actually comes apart. On one end there are fabric pads that I assumed were to hold oil So I dropped some 3-in-One in there and put it back together. It spun OK before I started, and fine after I started. Nothing broken so far!

    Cleaned everything else, disinfected, and reassembled. I thought I broke the control board at one point, as putting the power connector back on bent back a piece. But once I got it all together it seemed to work as well as when I started, and the dome is much clearer.

    This incubator was used in an elementary school. The paperwork has 1988 and 1989 on it. I have the original instruction manual, some assembly pages, an incubation guide, and a photocopy of a hatching manual. Perhaps I'll scan everything in. Is there a storage place here on BYC for files?

    Not wanting to pay retail, I am still looking for that 27-spot pheasant ring [​IMG]


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