Set 42 eggs tonight :-)


11 Years
Jun 1, 2008
Malta, OH
Nothing like starting off with a bang.

I set 42 eggs tonight. A bunch of barn yard mixes.. Which day should I candle?

I have 6 roosters - 3 barn yard mixes, one Dominquer ( how do you spell that), one silkie mix and one supposed "rare" breed ( still not sure what) I should have good fertility and am very excited.

Any one want to suggest a good candler to buy?Make?
Around 1pm today I put in 42 in bator for a friend +10 for myself under newly broody hen (her first time with eggs). I usually candle at 7 days but don't toss eggs w/o developement til 14 days as sometimes they are not obvious. GOOD LUCK!! I use an Ovascope by Brinsea found on although any good LED light works in dark room!
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