set eggs on the 19th of may 2012 whose with me?


7 Years
Apr 16, 2012
i set 5 quail eggs, 3 pied peacock eggs (from my black shoulder and pearl white peacocks) 6 black orpington eggs, 6 lady amherst eggs, 6 silkie eggs, 6 light sussex eggs and 6 white crested poland eggs. im turning them 3 times everyday. the quails should hatch on the 3rd of june and the chickens eggs should hatch on the 9th of june (my sisters birthday!!) ii will post pics as soon as i see a chip in the eggs :D

happy hatching!!
I set 11 Lavender Orps on May 19th too. You are the only person i have found so far who set on May19th or thereabout Wanted someone right with me for the lock down especially ..My first hatch but do quail etc hatch when chickens do?
yep wish they hatch!! quails hatch in 16 days depending on the species.
I set 6 Rouen duck eggs on the 12th and 3 mixed breed bantam chicken eggs on the 19th. I have them all under one broody hen and they should hatch on June 9th.
So how is everybody making out so far? I don't candle my eggs when they are under a hen, but I think they should be fine. The hen has kept at it, so I'm looking forward to Saturday.

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