Set eggs today!


8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
I set 30 assorted bantam eggs today! Anyone else setting eggs today and want to be hatch buddies?
I set 12 eggs today: Sebright, Black Rosecomb, Silkie-X, Olive Egger. Mom asked me a few days ago if I have any extra hens, so I'll be giving her the hens that for one reason or another didn't make the cut as breeders. Mom and Sis have only 5 hens left and aren't getting any eggs at all because they're molting!

Good luck on your bantam eggs; I dearly love those little chickens.
I set 58 ee's today.. i hope they are all fertile as it has been hot and my wheaten ameracuana rooster is just 5 1/2 months and just now asserting himself with my hens...1 rir , 1 br , 1 ee, 7 red sexlinks... this will be my first attempt at hatching eggs with an incubator...i bought a used GQF sportsman...i picked today for the hatching with the moon thread ...good luck with your eggs..
What is the moon thread?
I set 12 golden sebright bantams, 9 self blue bantams, and 9 mille fleur bantams! This is only my second time incubating. The first time was with my homemade incubator. I set 14 eggs and got 7 chicks. They were a really mixed bunch of babies I bought really cheap off of e-bay. I'm hatching bantams this time around since I have one bantam rooster and he has no girls! He is the sweetest little thing and does a great job taking care of my small flock out back, but those are giants to him! Now he'll have some ladies he can really romance and they are super pretty bantams to boot! My eggs are due to hatch on September 21st!
the moon thread is on here incubating and hatching eggs...a lady from florida explains it..i always castrate calves by the signs so i think there is something to this .....not sure though...
Hey my girl started sitting 2/3 days ago i candled and maybe 5 hahaha but anywho got 14 assorted eggs sitting under a New hampshire red
have hatching now and cant wait.........thats another sitter lol
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