Set my first eggs!!!!!

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15 eggs in my bator starting TODAY!!!!!

for a good hatch.
It's just amazing that in 3 weeks chicks go from 0 to live, zooming peeps.
Hope your hatch goes well.
Set my first eggs, 10 Silver Phoenix (I hope pure bred, but possibly mixed with Cochin, no laughing), and 1 Cochin (again possibly mixed with Silver Phoenix).

Hi New2chooks, I'm new-ish too. Isn't it exciting? I just set my first eggs on the first. i saw veins in some today even though I promised myself no candling until day 8. I guess I need to sit on my hands!!!

What kind did you set? Are we close to each other? I'm in Marysville, 30 miles north of Sacramento. What kind of bator are you using?
Yes, it's going to be the longest 21 days EVER!!! I set some Welsummers, Barred Rocks and BBS Orps in a hovabator 1602.

Yes, we are pretty close! I'm in the Auburn area.
I am using a still air havabator and turning by hand....yikes...sooo nervous. I set standard blue and blue splash cochins, americana cochin cross, barred roch cochin cross, silver laced sebright possibly crossed with a black japanese and some of my friend's barnyard mixes. i thought it'd be good practice before spring to see if I could do it but i'm already shopping for eggs for my next hatch!

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