Set our second hatch Saturday 5/12/12


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Saturday we set our second hatch. After having to constantly fuss with our Little Giant incubator to keep proper humidity we invested in a Hovabator Genesis1588. So far it looks like a great choice, the LG turner fit perfectly.

Bought some eggs from a BYC member Arielle. Got Black Copper Marans and some bonus Easter Egger Crosses.

Of course chicken math had to come into play so I also picked up a dozen Wyandotts to keep the other two dozen company for the next 21 days.

Had the incubator running for 2 days prior to picking up the eggs. The temp and humidity seemed too stable so I put a couple thermometers and a hygrometer in to check the GQF. They were close in went the eggs.

Three dozen set.

The 13 that hatched last weekend are down to 12 after we had to cull one. The 12 consist of 9 Cuckoo Marans and 3 Wyandotts and it looks like we will be roo heavy. Uggh!!

In 19-20 days it looks like last week's hatch will be moving from the family room brooder to the separate Juvenile Detention Facility in the Coop/Shed.
Hi there, I also started a hatch on Saturday night. 20 Salmon Faverolles, 11 Light Brahma, 6 Auracana and 4 Dorking eggs. This is only my second try at hatching. I'm looking for a place chat with another and to ask questions. First hatch went well but still learning. So what would be the ideal humidity level for the first 18 days? I'm running about 50% is that too high? Thanks and glad to have a hatching buddy!!! I'm using a Little Giant and last hatch I too had some troubles with the temp. This time, so far at leas,t it's holding pretty steady but it is also full, only had 15 eggs last time. I wonder if that makes a difference.
I started my second hatch today so I am a few days behind you! I have 23 in the incubator. I only did 7 last time and I only got one chick. I did not do so well last time and I was using the LG without the turner so this time I am using the turner. We will see how that turns out! I have two bantam cochins(those eggs are tiny), 3 EEs, some RIR and Leghorns. Oh and orpingtons too. Oh and a barred rock! lol! I have a smorgasbord! I am having ttrouble figuring out which end is the large end of the egg to put up in the turner. Did you guys have this trouble? Did you worry about it?
yes you want the big end up for that is the side the air gap will be on some eggs they do look almost the same but you should still notice a littel differance and if you dont use a egg turner you are better off turn them you self at least twice a day we do it 3 times been hatch since Feb and just set 10 dozen Black Atrolorps and 12 dozen Partrige Coachens Saterday may 12
Omgosh that is a bunch of eggs. What kind of incubator do u use? I was able to figure out or candle the difficult eggs so I am pretty sure I have them right. I already lost an egg though. Some how it got a crack so I am down to 22 eggs. Still plenty for me.
Becky I think that is a bit high for the first stage. Have you read about dry incubating? There is a link I will have to find. Maybe 50 is ok when u r not doing the dry hatch. This may be the blind leading the blind. I would say if things went well with the first hatch then u should do the same this time!
Thanks, I think I ran a little lower last time, but it has been rainy and muggy the last few days. I'm hoping it drops or I'll need to get some of the water out. I've not read about dry hatching. Is that here, can you get me the link? I'm usually on the go........ Farm, family and work keeps me pretty busy and I get lost down the rabbit path if I try to look for these things myself, lol.....

Yea, what are you incubating in to hatch that many at a time, chicks@feathers?

Did you all see the really old but way too cool, incubator my aunt has given me? I'd love to make it run the way it was built to run but honestly think it will be converted to electric heaters, fans and turners. There are some pictures in a post I made asking for info on a vintage buckeye incubator. When/if, I get this baby going I should be able to get some eggs going, lol.... Not sure yet what I'll do with all those eggs, but it would be nice to hatch some sale chicks in the spring next year!!
Avonshire this is my second hatch as well. I started with 18 of my own Light Brahma eggs the first time, 3 never formed anything so I pulled them, left me with 15 and 12 hatched. I was BAD!!! Like a kid in a candy store, I opened the darn incubator like 5 times the first day they started hatching. Had 2 really dry hatches and think at least one more egg would of hatched if I just left it all alone. Soooooo, this time I have purchased eggs and a neighbor's eggs and a few of my own and am trying to be much more grown up this time, lol.... There is a lot more to it than I thought, I just got lucky the first time, fingers crossed I get a decent hatch this time and for you as well!!!! We can learn together!!!
OK here is a link to what I was talking about ...
Also for some reason I could not get your link to your "project" to work!
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