set your water'r on this if your tired of your ducks digging holes in their pen


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Jul 25, 2012
New Mexico
make a 3 foot by 3 foot square out of two by fours and add one more two by four to the middle of the square and staple hard ware cloth over top ..

then set your water'r on top and on the middle two by four . it will bear the weight of water .. the spilled water from ducks playing goes through mesh where ducks can get to it to dig holes ..

sure make it bigger if you want . even less chance of holes dug.
Should have read the spilled water goes through mesh where ducks can "not" get to it. to dig .

I use this system and it works for me well..

the ducks will dig in wet ground looking for critters and things to eat much like they would around a natural lake or pond .. thats why they dig holes around where you place their water..
Let them dig holes I say..It's a need

yep we just let them dig and play. cant stop them from doing it near their pools anyways.

I agree, just part of owning ducks. To bad they cannot strike oil
I bought a 12" round aggregate stepping stone at the hardware store. I seated it in the soil and leveled it and set the waterer on it. This way the waterer stays level (so it doesn't drain itself), and the ducks can dabble where they please without upsetting it.
sure a keeper of just a few ducks can easly be fine with ducks digging around their water'rs .. but any one who has visited large duck farms .

may be interested in some of the things these very experianced water fowl farmers do ..AFTER all how many of us can say we have had 50 plus years of raising water fowl such as farmers like Millie and Dave
Holderread.. I sure cant and i do enjoy learning from people like them .. even if i only plan to raise a few hundred ducks..
you seem to want to create arguements....maybe better wording would help not come off in this fasion.

we have far too many pastures and waterfowl to worry over a couple of billed spots near ponds. we also are not a small flock pet owner and feel this way. We also dont leave them in the same spot daily, this keeps the areas looking better.

Its not that you can not learn from others, but not everyone is concerned about the holes, or has the set up (since some keep the birds in pens 24/7).
The wording i used would only creates a argument if some one wants it to .

arguing over if ducks should be left to dig holes or not seems rather silly .. as far as im concerned..


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