setting eggs by the moons sign

sydney quailman

7 Years
good morning all, i have set another 120 jap quail eggs on 3rd november 2012 to hatch between 20-22 november 2012. i would like to see if there is any difference with the hatch on a pisces sign, eg healthier stronger faster growing chicks. i will keep a progress report on the events. anyone had any hatched under a cancer scorpio or pisces sign? if so did you find any difference?

cheers, sam

just wanted to check when should i go into lockdown, they were set on the 3 november? would it be the 18th or 19th november? thank you.

update 2 hatched on the 19/11 and when i left home this morning 13 hatched on 20/11, to my surprise i had a couple eggs from the 24 and 25 of october, i set them all on the 3/11/12, the 24 and 25th dated eggs have hatched im amazed eggs that old hatched, im sure that there will be more hatched during the day today.
i have hatched approx 70 quail chicks, they are really lively and healthy, eating well. they are much more strong and bigger then the 1st hatch. no healthy problems at all. fingers crossed.

i will do a count tonight of how many eggs left and which ones didnt hatched, eg bought eggs v my own quail eggs, see what the % is.



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