setting eggs today!!


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Apr 4, 2009
Smithfield, PA
Today we are setting eggs in our Hovabator 1588 with the automatic turning tray...
Of course - I have a few extra fertile eggs
We have had a few broody hens recently and broke them - I had my fingers crossed someone would be broody again, no luck.

I noticed that there is enough extra space after the automatic egg turner in in the 'bator to hold a few eggs (and hand turn).... and of course as I candle eggs there are always a few not developing that I could just replace with the extra ones (in the bator but kept outside the egg turner)

We I have the "important" eggs already lined up (resting) in the incubator right now (17 buckeye, 12 barred Rock, 4 black copper marrans, 4 frizzle easter eggers, 2 silver duckwing, 2 OEG BBR - 42 eggs at full capacity) and have 8 extra bantam sized eggs that i'd like to squeeze in too

Any thoughts? Suggestions?
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Jan 24, 2011
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My incubator has the same thing there is a space off to the right that is just egg sized and could possibly hold an egg on it's side. I don't know how large bantam eggs are but you could probably fit 4 or 5 large eggs in that space why not try it?

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