Setting first lot of eggs... ever!


7 Years
May 7, 2012
Queensland, Australia
I got my first incubator today! and have a heap of possibly fertilized eggs I've collected from my chooks. I was so excited that I've put the eggs in the incubator before testing it or anything. From what I've read on this forum, I know it is not adviseable but I'm willing to take the risk :) automatic egg turner and all.

I was just wondering, however, our power is scheduled to be switched off for 6 hours on the 31st May for "routine maintenance" (I, of course find out conveniently after I've got my incubator up and running). I got the egg hatching calendar from another thread that says "If the power goes off - nothing should go wrong! Your hatch will just be delayed by the amount of time the power was off" or something like that. Is this true?

Also, should I have cleaned the eggs? I put a few in that were a little muddy, but not as though they were covered in it, on a few specks over it. I read that bacteria can be let in if I cleaned the eggs.

So hopefully they hatch alright! I know I'm being optomistic, but it's my first lot, so I just wanted to try!


EDIT: Also, my YouTube Channel, especially for my hatching adventures :p
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I don't know about power failures delaying hatches.

What I do know is that you mustn't wash the eggs before incubating and use clean eggs, as dirty eggs can and will go off. I guess you'll have to wait and see how it goes. Hope you hatch lots of fluffy butts.
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Did you edit your comment? (got an email which has an extra bit on the end) I didn't read the other letters we got until after I got the incubator going, so I'd already had it running before I found out about this power outage. But I saw the calendar say that it'd be fine, so I just wanted to confirm. I was going to leave it anyway.

Thanks for you reply though :)
Now that they are set there really isn't anything you can do about it. Just keep going & hope for the best. Try to keep them in the warmest room you can while power is out. Yes, it could delay your hatch. Just bear that in mind & be prepared to give them a couple extra days even.
I took out the dirty one and cracked it open, after reading that dirty eggs can explode. I thought I could see a tiny bit of red, which I'm guessing would be the development of veins? Would I be correct on this?

Thanks :)

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