Setting MORE eggs on the 6th


12 Years
May 23, 2011
Apollo, PA
i'm gonna be setting every egg that i can on the 6th to try and increase my stocks more. right now i got about 43, hopeing for about 70 eggs to set

anyone want to join in is welcome!

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I'm out of room for brooders! I think after my current batch, due for lockdown tonight, I"m taking a little break. lol...

The bator is on it's 4th in a row hatch.
i gotta keep pace, i got someone that said they will buy any and all egg layers i have, up to 40 he said, at $5 each
, and another friend of mine said he'll buy butchered quails(any extra males laying around lol) for $6 each

my wife said, keep on hatching, couldn't believe my ears!
I'll be slightly ahead of you with 27 shipped golden eggs & enough of my own to fill it; somewhere around 50 cause I still have 3 of my own chicken eggs from a staggered hatch. I'm quickly getting in the same mode as Critter. I brought my sister's nice rabbit hutch to the garage so I could split the Tibetan's that just started laying; got another 10 pharaoh's that are only a few days old, & my older pharaoh's continue to lay. I stopped myself by putting about 20 eggs in the fridge tonite & gonna try some pickled eggs in a few days.

I'm gonna have to start selling or start butchering.
i should have 60 eggs by tomorrow, not sure if some of them are fertile, as they are from my new birds, but i got buyers, so i'm throwing everything i got in there :EEE
I would love to join in again but I have to wait 3-4 weeks until my brooders clear up some, right now I have about 45 birds and only 11 are "adult" birds lol

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