Setting my Serama Eggs-3/3-Anyone have any tips?

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Aug 3, 2009
I got my Serama eggs from Camelot Farms yesterday and am setting them this morning(if my humidity will get right
If anyone that has hatched the Seramas successfully has any tips for me, I would really appreciate the help since I know they can be difficult to hatch.
Wish me luck!

ETA-Camelot Farms was great to deal with and she packed the eggs beautifully!
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I just set 6 serama eggs on 3/2. I am interested to hear feedback on this. The lady I got the eggs from told me they hatch in 19 days. Lockdown 2 days early?
I think lockdown for me will be 3/19. That should be 3 days before hatch-Lord willing!
Good luck with your hatch-here's hoping we both soon have some of these little beauties running around our brooder boxes.

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