setting shed?

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minister man

12 Years
Sep 9, 2010
New Brunswick
here's what I got gooing through my head next. ..... The research I have done suggests that each hen that is setting on eggs needs here own space, for her and her nest and or chicks.

I am picturing a "broody Condo" type set up. Picture it...... ( demensions are inside demensions) 2 feet deep........ 4 feet long and 7 feet high. Roof has a slight slope from one 2 foot side to the other so that the 4 foot side isn't under the eave. In one 4 foot side there is a 2' 8" door and the inside looks like a linen closet with wooden shelves 16 inches apart. Each shelf has an indivivual wire door, so when the door is open the birds are still behind wire. Each hen gets her own floor ( 2x4) Piece of eaves trough for feed hanging on the door, and a chick fount for water. My two probems are light and ventilation. In the day time I could leave the door open, and with the wire doors, would give ventilation and light. But what about early spring when it is still hovering about 0 D celluis.? I am thinking that with my silkies I could use them for stud matings as well, if the need presented it's self and then i wouldn't have to move the hen after she set. What are your thought? are there ways I could improve this idea? or will it work at all?


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