Setting up a brooder in a Wood's style open air coop


8 Years
May 9, 2011
Arco, ID
Just this fall we have added on to our existing chicken coop and made it into a 16' x 17' Wood's style open air coop and now I'm wondering how I'm going to brood my broilers when I get them in the spring? My brooder used to be about 1/3 of my old coop that was completely closed but now I'm wondering how I'm going to keep the little fatties warm until they go to the outdoor tractor.

Does anyone have an in the coop brooder setup or some type of brooder that can be outside in cold weather?

Thank you for any advice. I figured it would be a good winter project for the hubby! :)
I know this won't work if you do a lot of meaties but, I used a 300 gal stock tank in our garage and covered the top with fencing and just layed a heavy blanket over most of the top when it was really cold. I hung a brooder light at one end from above and lowered it into the tank or raised as needed. I left the end by the brooder light uncovered all the time so, I didn't have to worry about a fire. Mine were fine when it was 25-35 degs. at night. I was able to hang the feeder and waterer from the fencing so, it stayed clean. The plus is when I was done brooding them, the tank could be pulled out and washed and sanitized well.
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