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Thanks for all the help and votes with a slogan... now we're trying to get him a presence online, and get him work!

So here's what I've come up with temporarily for his website.

Take a look, tell me what you think. Any ideas on what to add to the site? Anything you would like to see said or added that would get you to hire him? What do you look for in a handyman?

Honestly, he's done 1 job already... and he has 2 quotes to do for customers tomorrow. I'm really hoping this takes off, but I want him to look as professional as possible! I even ordered him t=shirts with is logo on them.

I just need to get this site together and get it out there!!!
So no one has any advice? That's ok... I just get nervous when I try something new without suggestions. My husband always tells me everything is just perfect as it, or great "don't mess with it". I just HAVE to mess with things though!
I like your layout and design. The colors are good & it "pops" out at you. I'm doing some marketing for the company I work for right now (we do custom installation of windows, doors, etc).

You might put in a few "bullet lines" detailing more specific jobs, for example:

*kitchen improvements
*cabinet installation

and be sure & get some 'before and after' pics when he does renovation work & put those up.
You might also want to put a counter on your website so you can track how many hits you are getting.
Make a menu or list:

Projects Compeleted
Photo's of Projects

Show the people that your hubby's work has proof and he can do a good job.
Thanks so much for the ideas! I'm digging for photos now, I'm also going to add more to the website asap. Probably this weekend. I have another job interview I had today, and have to run some errands tomorrow. I also have to do lists for the house, orders from my customers in my store AND my husband already got a job he quoted today and starts work on tomorrow.

I will definitely put in a sample list of jobs we do. We don't do remodels... that is a large scale job, we don't have the man power or means to do. The smaller and odder the job is really what we do. No job too small stuff. Change light bulbs, patch walls, seal windows/door, hang doors, painting, drywalling, deck staining, crown molding, minor repairs, ect.

I'm waiting on our liability insurance quotes... you would think those companies would call you back quickly... but they just kinda wait. Who knows why!

We officially went into business monday, as he's had 2 jobs since then and a quote someone is reviewing still.

Just a question, is it wise to give a pricing idea on the site? I don't think its a good idea because he charges by the hour, plus supplies and gives quotes on site because each job is soooo different I don't want to give anyone a false idea of what their job should or would be. Like they may think its a 4 hour job and they price out the wrong materials and get mad that the jobs gets quoted as twice the amount they assumed by looking at our site. Yet, I'm being told that if a customer looks at our site and doesn't see a pricing charge, or examples... they will move on to another service site?

What do you all think about that?
People might want some testimonials too, or references they can check with. You don't have to put them out there on the website, but you could put in somewhere "call for our list of references and/or testimonials."
We haven't run into that (about not listing prices). That's one of the reasons we offer free estimates. Especially with older homes, you simply do not know what you may have to do to ready the project unless somebody goes out & takes a look at it first.

If you will hang a storm door, for example, & give a list price of $250, then when you go to do the job find out the sills are rotten & need replacing first, then you either shot all of your profit margin if you already quoted it, or the customer will get upset because it's costing so much more. And we all know the angry/upset/disppointed customers tell three times the people that the happy, satisfied ones do!

Also, why give away your pricing structure to your competitors? all they have to do is look at your site & figure out how to underbid you.
Just my opinion. The company I work for used to be the "installed sales" part of a lumberyard. The yard closed 2 years ago & the oldest son started up this company - we do custom installations - remodeling, replacement, new construction, light commercial. There are 4 of us on the company payroll plus our subcontractor crew and we have hung in there & run in the black every month in spite of the recession/depression.
Well I'm glad to hear that! My husband has been laid off twice in the past 2 years. One from a home builder.. but he managed to stay on with the company through 2 previous lay off, and was one of the last 10 employees when this happened because he was really good at finishing things off... the details! Anyways, the last company, decided to demote all their managers, lay off everyone at the bottom of the ladder... of course bring in new management... ect ect. So 6 guys gone in a weekend and no one to replace them.

Either way, my husband was tired of working for one company or another... he felt like if he was always going to start back at the bottom after 12 years, with no insurance or vacation or 401k, why not just work for himself.... if he was to get fired, he'd see it coming a mile away! LOL

Anyways, I will leave out pricing... we've had 3 called today alone 2 for quotes and 1 to accept a quote and schedule a work date. My husband is lucky I used to do admin and was a retail manager for a small business shop where I worked directly under the owner for 3 years. I can cover his paperwork and tax info. I also went to college for internet technologies, so the website is covered even though I'm rusty.

Long as my chickens and child get fed and I don't lose the house... BRING IT RECESSION!

I do have some wonderful feedback from a few people he's done work for. I will add there comments to like the bottom of each page or something as I build the site. I'm thankful he always took side work for friends and neighbors. He's been referred to a lot of people on weekends to do simple jobs. Its helped us a lot, and now it will help him get off the ground.

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