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    jibhi Himachal India

    I have been following BYC for a while and finally joint this amazing information bank now that its time to build my own coop and raise my chickens! I could really use some help now..

    A little background - I want to raise chickens for eggs for my family and not for selling. .

    I moved to a small remote village in Himachal in India. live at an elevation of 6000ft.
    here the summer high temperature stays around 25 C (in the shade but when my thermometer is in direct sun it shows 45 C!) and winter low at -10 C with max a foot of snow for few days at a time.
    It rains almost once week year-round and for days during monsoons.
    I can't get most supplies and products mentioned by other members (due to remoteness of mountain countryside).
    oh and most important part I DON'T live on a farm but do have a small backyard.

    Now the questions:

    I have 8 feet x 8 feet open shed that I would like to convert into a coop and run. But that is all the space I have. Will it be enough to house 6 chickens and a rooster? Is there anyone who would like to share their expertise with us with the designing of the coop and run? I will be building it myself and I don't have a. Big budget.

    After researching, deep litter method seems a good option. I read that food grade DE is needed for it but it is not available here. Is there any thing else that can be used, preferably home made or natural materials?

    I can't buy feed here. Yes I can't as non is available! I am going to build the feeder but chicken water nipples are not available. To give a balanced diet and clean water what can I do?

    I am really looking forward to raising chickens and not getting disheartened by the lack of availability of so many things if not all. Any suggestions, ideas and advice will really help me.

    Thank you!
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    Hello :frow Welcome to BYC and Happy Holidays! X2 on the BYC Learning Center.
    The generally recommended rate is 10 square feet of run space per chicken so you should have room for 6-7 Are you planning on hatching your own eggs or do you need a rooster?
    You might want to draw up a plan and what materials you would have available and post on the Coop & Run design board for ideas. There are quite a few threads on making coops from recycled material if you do a search.
    Not everybody that does some sort of deep litter method uses DE, I never have.
    With feed, I would first find out what is available to you, anything in the way of grains/seeds for humans or animals, any sort of other animal food etc, and go from there with creating a ration more suitable for a chicken. Chickens can eat about anything and people kept them for years before Purina :) Would you be able to get anything shipped to you, animal vitamins etc?
    With water we have always used either the plastic/metal waterers or just bowls and buckets, pretty much anything will work, the water nipple system is easier once it is set up, but if you clean & refill the bowls or whatever regularly they work perfectly fine.
    Maybe check out some of the threads from states/cities will high altitudes for any tips dealing with that?
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    [​IMG] Great to have a new resident at BYC as always ......

    Sounds to me like you need to find out what the locals are doing
    about all the chicken feeding and keeping but mostly feed and I
    will bet they let them free range literally roost in the trees so what
    are the predators in the area that you need to worry about that
    like the taste of a fine chicken dinner .....
    The shed is more then big enough it is now down to the fencing
    material is there any locally or will you need to find some locals
    who are willing to weave some fencing for you ,,,,, I seen this in
    some parts of the world I visited where bamboo was split in to
    strips and weaved and let to dry and would a strong cage or
    fence it makes with each section tied or woven together and
    last for a good long time ......
    So what kink of materials are growing near by as 6000 ft is up
    a way's ....... What kind of a support system do you have near
    you or are you all on your own out there .......

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    Welcome to BYC!
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    [​IMG] to BYC! [​IMG]

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    Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us! [​IMG]

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