Setting up today 26 May 2012.... Anyone setting can join


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Apr 18, 2012
Hi all , This is my third time trying to hatch with 15 eggs. During first hatch i lost all my 4 eggs in my homemade incubator ,second time i successfully hatched 4 out of 10 and now I setup up 8 eggs of Kadaknath breed and 7 Aseel breed.

Any body setting up today can join this thread for share our thoughts and ideads.

I will also be setting today. I have 5/6 left in my homemade wine-cooler incubator from last week. This will be my second set ever. I have 24 eggs right now but the total will depend on what happens tomorrow.
I have five in there now and these are the stats on the worksheet i made for them. I'm trying to follow the dry hatch mentality. I'll make another worksheet for the next batch. So far I have 24 eggs but I'm waiting on the girls to lay this morning. My friend is bringing her daughter over and we are going to candle batch 1 and set Batch 2. While the eggs are being candled hubby is going to pop some more vent holes in the incubator. I have to keep adding water, which is why there are spikes, so I think they are not getting enough room air. They are in my living room. I have only been able to manage turning 2x per day so we'll see what happens. I know three is better. I have a computer fan for air circulation that is always on and the light bulb is hooked up to a hot water thermostat. Today's eggs will fit on the top shelf but if I put more in next week (same amount of electricity right!!) then i'll have to add another shelf. I need to measure and see about an autoturner :D

bator seems good and chart is also cool. Its a nice idea to maintain you work on paper. I dont have enough time so i can't do. never mind ..Auto turner makes your life so easy. but creating a autoturner in homemade bator is not an easy task.
I also set 24 eggs on the 26th! In the past I suck at hatching my own eggs, but I just bought a egg turner for my little gaint incubator and I hope it makes a differance cause in the past 2 times I tried to hatch my own chicks it was a fail without the turner. Hope that the turnr helps alot
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So the total for me is 28. On a good note all five of last weeks candled great and the kids got to see the embryo move in each one so it looks like things are going well so far! Can't wait to candle the new batch. Temps dropped significantly down to 93 or so when I added the new eggs but they were all cool so I expected it. Incubator is getting back up to temp now!
I set 8 Cream Legbars tonight, about 6pm my time. I will have a staggered hatch, as I have more eggs and another incubator coming next week. I am using a Brinsea Octogon 20 Advance EX. This is my second hatch in it...I just had a full 100% hatch in it, they were local eggs. This is my first try with shipped eggs. I am not expecting 100%, but am hoping for at least 50-75% hatch rate. I am incubating at 45% humidity, hatching at 65%. Temp is set for 99.5.
Looks like I picked a good day to set 15 eggs in the bator as I can now join in the clutch. This is only the second time I have set eggs, my first hatch was 5 out of 6 so not to shabby. I'm using a still are incubator with an auto egg turner. I just finished putting it in "lock down" mode so I won't be touching it until I candle the eggs 7 or 8 days from now. I am curious to know what others are targeting for temperature and humidity for the 1st 18 days. Still air incubators are hard to get the humidity just right but I am sitting at 65% with a temp that ranges from 98 - 101. That seemed to work well for me last time.

I'll post few pictures of my set up tomorrow.

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