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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by TwoDogFarm, Oct 18, 2014.

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    Jun 16, 2014
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    Ive got a duck that has been sick for a few weeks with a respiratory infection. We ended up taking her to the vet and getting stronger meds since the store bought ones werent working. She also had severe bumblefoot that we had to operate on around the same time. Well, she's off her meds now and appears to be okay. Her foot still concerns me a bit with the area we operated on. I'm wondering if ducks can have scar tissue from foot trauma like that? There appears to still be a knot but it isn't the same as it was pre-surgery.

    Also, here is my main problem now that she seems better: two days ago, my husband put duck shoes on her and let her back in the run with the others. (We have had her confined to a rabbit cage that we had in the coop so they could all still see each other but so she couldn't move around a whole lot with her foot injury). At first, all seemed okay. Later, he said he witnessed two other ducks trying to kill her. They were both jumping on her and shaking her head with their bills. He immediately put her back in the cage she's been in. I don't know what went wrong. A couple of weeks ago, our runner started to get very vocal and mad at our sick duck. She would come right to the cage and quack loudly at her. She started doing this every day and I witnessed a drake push her away a few days ago. The runner and golden cascade are the two that ganged up. I don't get it. They've all been together since earlier this year. Could it have something to do with her vet visit? Maybe they didn't recognize the scent or something? I'm not sure what to do. She needs out of the cage now but she has been through so much. I don't want them to kill her. Help.
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    When animals since another is injured or sick they will turn on them, something to do with survival of the fittest. and not drawing attention to the rest which if they were in the wild would bring in predators. So get rid of the weak one? Just some thoughts as to why they would be acting this way. Can you make her a larger pen inside the one everyone is in and let them still live side by side for a while till this hopefully is resolved. Is she still limping which is a sign of injury to the rest of the flock. As for knot on her foot, I would think they could get scar tissue but what to do about it I have no idea, have you tried soaking her foot in some warm Epson salt water and seeing if that will soften up the tissue? You may have to visit the vet again if this knot is keep her from walking normal.
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    The first year I had ducks, I did not know that ducks will kill an injured bunkmate. We had one large Pekin and two black ducks (I don't know the breed). The Pekin was injured when we got it and did heal. Then, he/she injured a foot and limped. In very short time, the black ducks started attacking the Pekin, even though it was twice their size. I tried isolating the Pekin in our pen, but one of the black ducks managed to get under the fence and killed the Pekin. Since that time, I separate all injured ducks until they are fully recovered and make sure my "infirmary" is very secure.
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