Severe eye infection (goose)


In the Brooder
Sep 24, 2020
I just recently noticed my 3-year-old brown chinese goose has quite the bad eye infection, to the point I thought the eye was gone. I've been watching him for while but it just spiralled out of control very suddenly. His eye is swollen, obviously irrigating him, and at this point it looks like the eye itself has been pushed down (most likely from him rubbing it) and I can only see half of the eye. It's sunken in, and the whole side of his head is swollen. So what I'm wondering is what treatments I should start (I'm planning to get pictures later) I DO have a vet that will see him but I'm trying to avoid that if possible, they aren't very good with animals and they're the only vet who will see him. He's very handleable, but he's very protective of the eye. Any ideas or tips would be great!

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