Severe wry neck in 1 1/2 year old Polish hen?


Nov 13, 2018
New Zealand
Yeah, it really does sound like she's ingested or been exposed to a toxin. Vitamin deficiencies generally take time to develop and don't come on all at once, though drenching with vitamins now is good for her. Glad to hear she's not having any crop trouble.

Are you familiar with how to tube feed?

For getting fluids and fluid solutions down her, I'd recommend asking your local vet for a puppy/kitten feeding catheter. - they're very long; it'll need to be cut down to size, (just short of reaching the crop) but these tubes are quite tiny and my hens hardly seem to care when I use them. Mine's cut quite short, reaching about 1/2-1/3 down the neck. Really, I'm just concerned about getting past the trachea. Its easier for giving fluids and thinned polyaid with a 12-15ml syringe. Typically, I'd lubricate with olive oil when tube feeding, but I don't have to with this one since it's so unobtrusive.

Anything more substantial and I have to pull out the thick silicone tubing, which they are never good with.

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