Severe wry neck/swollen head- Photos added.

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    You don't need E combined with Selenium- just get a bottle of the 400 IU vit E capsules, a bottle of the Selenium tablets (I could only find 200mg, the dose is 50mg, so I cut the tablets into fourths with a straight razor), and then Vit B complex. Mine was liquid, I think you can also buy the liquid baby vitamins. Walmart has everything you need- I just got lucky with the clearance on the Nature's Bounty brand of vitamins. This link will help you, it is where my info came from.

    For the first two days I came out and held Twisty's head so he could eat and drink ever hour or so. Once the meds had kicked in, I no longer needed to do this though. He was, at the time severely dehydrated- I use nipple waterers and because of his neck he could not use them. I'm glad I found him before he died!

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