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11 Years
Oct 30, 2008
So this may seem a little out there, but I know something must exist that I can get. I'm making some bags for trick or treating. Not the type to hand out but the type to collect the candy in. I'm making four. Two are for my friends' boys and two for our family. I'm going to put the names on in fabric, but really don't feel like sewing them on. What the heck do I use? And what do I use to make sure the fabric of the letters don't fray? Is it the same stuff? I'm knew to this kind of stuff, though I do have a pretty good working knowledge of sewing. Thanks in advance, because you'll really be helping me out! I get to make them this upcoming week and I'm trying to get a list together.
I bought tubes of fabric paint at walmart a little while ago - mine are glittery (girl) but it works great, it does need some time to dry - but you just pretty much write with them.
It's called "Stitchwitchery" It is a white cloth type material that is heat sensitive. You cut it out the same time as your lettering and then sandwich it between your letters and bag and iron it with a hot iron on cotton. I would use a good quality cotton fabric or even a canvas type material.
"Heat N Bond" (I use the "lite" variety) is also used to adhere fabric.

It's paper backed, so you write on the paper (in reverse - that's important, ask me how I know, LOL) Iron it onto the wrong side of fabric. Then cut out the shape/letter, peel off the paper, place the shape/letter where you want it on the bag and iron in place.

Easy peasy and it holds up pretty well too.
Thanks for the replies. I'll have to look for some of this stuff when we go out shopping this weekend. Then I'll have an approximate price in mind. I have tried fabric paint before and of course it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but may try again. I don't know. Thanks!

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