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5 Years
May 25, 2016
My Coop
My Coop
I already have 1 Drake with 1 duck. I have 2, 6 week old duckling that I was hoping was ducks. One white layer has her voice so I know she's a duck. The other one still has no voice so I'm thinking its a drake. I really want to keep him but don't want them the run the 2 ducks down. How many more ducks would I need for 2 drakes? I'm not sure yet if he is a Rouen or a golden 300.
2 drakes 3 females each. Didn't you say you had 2 drakes and 2 females already?
Yes I have 1 that I know for sure is a drake and 2 that I know are females. The other one I'm not 100% on yet but I'm thinking drake. Its about 6 weeks old. Not really sure want breed but it has no voice.

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