Sexing 4 Week old Buff Orpingtons

JAK Rabbitry

10 Years
May 22, 2009
Freedom, PA - Pittsburgh area
I was reading on here how some breeds can be sexed by different attributes, and feathers being one of them. I purchased 20 Buff Orpington chicks a while back and they're now about 4 weeks old and I was told by the breeder that although this was a straight run, most would be hens. So I'm noticing now that 5 of them still have more of a fluffy butt tail, and the other 15 have noticeably long tail feathers. I'm also noticing the fluffy butts have shorter feathers on their wings.
Are we able to use this information to effectively sex my chicks?


I would have to say they are the same age, i bought them all when they were about 5 days old, and i've had them and additional 3-4 weeks after that. If they are different ages, they doesn't leave a very large gap in age range, as I can only not account for a few days. And i've noticed the thign with the tail feathers about a week ago, so I would thing if it were an age thing, the the others would have caught up.


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