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I got this turkey several months ago; I think s/he is 7 months almost 8 at this point. S/he does occasionally strut, but it's a pretty rare occurence. The snood is relatively small and the head is pretty pale, mostly. I had some bronze standards and one of them was 2 months younger but almost as big and thick as this one when I sold him. Only pic I've got here is a head shot, taken yesterday. Any ideas or need a full body shot? I haven't had many turkeys and while this one's gonna stay awhile, I'd like to know what it is! It's a red bourbon.
I think hen. I hope so! But need reassurance. I'm not real certain on how fast turkeys develop their snood and caruncles, I've had a few here and there but don't know nearly as much about them as I do, say, quail!
I don't know, I'm seeing no hair on that head. Could be just the lighting but it also looks like there's a little black lacing at the neck. I'd love a breast shot with a little less light to make sure .
I've heard the black-laced feather theory, and I've looked this one all over--it's feathers are a uniform color to me, with no lacing that I can see of either color? It was really light when it was younger. There are some hairs on the head that you can't see because it's a crappy picture, but no "feathers". It strutted this morning for about 2 seconds, and it has strutted before but only a few times. No gobbles yet. No beard (when do they start growing beards, anyway?)
If it has a e gene, it won't have any lacing and you can't use it to sex the bird. At 7 to 8 months you can see what sex they are without looking at the lacing.

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