Sexing Ducklings (Please check here first :D )

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  1. I was thinking same thing on ducks. I'll have to try and take a photo of her with all the eggs and post on here. She has 5 duck and 3 standard eggs under her. At the most she might weigh 2 pounds.
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  2. My two Mallard/Peking cross ducklings came out mostly looking like baby Mallards. One has a white ring around its neck, could that one be a boy (even though I already named it "Ellie May"...) They are about three weeks old and still in baby fluff... The other one does not have the white/yellow ring around its neck. I am wondering if I named a boy a girl name and vise versa... You can't really see the neck markings in this pic but this is how fluffy they are still are... ALFIEELLIE.jpg
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    What a great pic love it,:love I doubt the white ring means sex but give them 2-4 more weeks and it should be clear by their voice if you have boys or girls, Girl's quack loud boys sound raspy
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    6AE575E2-C233-4B62-AA88-AB735F5429EB.jpeg Hi, we recently hatched sOme dark Campbells and ondering if someone has any photos or experience of sexing them, I can see it says you can that dark down is male and light is female, we have 2 the same and presume they are boys but interested to know what the girls look like just to confirm our thoughts? DDEF82F0-4881-47D5-AE85-01C3C60B88EC.jpeg
  5. Listen to their voices, a male is raspy or may be more silent when opening their bill. A female is usually very vocal. It's visually difficult to tell, of the 14 Khaki Campbell's I've had, I was wrong on 2. Those 2, I couldn't tell til they were almost 2 months old.

    Here's a photo of 2 of mine as ducklings I had hatched using a bantam hen surrogate last November. The one on left is a male and the right one is a female.
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    These pictures look like rouens or mallards.

    My dark Khaki Campbell male looked like @wolfinator’s picture. I don’t think you can sex these tiny ducklings by voice or color yet. But maybe someone else has some tips I don’t know.
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    hello, hoping some of you can help? My daughter and I took two ducks in to keep them from being abandoned. I've done some reading and I think one is a Rouen? and the other is Pekin. I know they were bought at Rural King at the same time but not when, though they don't have all their feathers. I'll post some pictures and a sound file (ignore the whistling, that's my daughter!) in hopes that you guys can tell me what you think re: sexing and to make sure I've identified the Rouen correctly:) Any help would be really appreciated! I'm confused. The darker one sounds like he/she honks and the pekin is the whispery sounding one, BUT the darker one also has a very slight sheen of green in the right light on top of the head. The sound files are here (just listen to the last half) and here (just the FIRST half is necessary, lol) at dropbox since I can't upload them here. thanks for any help!

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    I am a life-long chicken owner, but haven’t had ducks since I was little. So, I need help. Ive had threes four since they hatched around August 14th. Are they females?
    (Don’t laugh, I know I should be able to tell. If they were chickens, I’d be all over it ).

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    Do they all quack does any sound raspy? I don’t see a curled tail feather.
  10. How old are they? What breed/breeds are they? My khaki Campbell's drakes didn't get a curl tail til after 5 months old. Drakes typically will have a raspy quieter quack whereas a female will be loud. Also most drakes will have orange legs and feet, some breeds the head and neck will turn a greenish color such as mallards or khaki Campbell's. I've only had khaki Campbell ducks and my males have orange feet/legs and have a raspy quieter quack. My females are much louder and have brown feet/legs. Or you can also wait for any eggs, mine started laying around 7 months old.

    These are 2 of the drakes I had (I sold the one on the left).
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