Sexing Ducklings (Please check here first :D )

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Wifezilla, May 13, 2009.

  1. Amykins

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    May 11, 2013
    Male Muscovies are bigger and their hackles are more prominent. Also, males hiss, females make an adorable cooing sound. <3
  2. Americano Blue

    Americano Blue Make everyday count

    I'm trying to figure out how to sex the ducklings. My females sound like a chicken, dove, pigeon, duck. mine also peep when they are broody
  3. Cheeky Chick

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    Apr 29, 2012
    Long Island, NY
    I just brought home 2, 6 week old Cayugas, still fuzzy and precious. One is, no kidding-double the size of the other. I was told by the previous owner, that odds are, the bigger one is a drake. I've only adopted adult ducks, and I only have females, in the past, so this whole duckling thing is new to me.

    Is this true? Bigger ducklings would be the males?
  4. TracyLovesDucks

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    Mar 25, 2014
    Northern Colorado
    I don't think it's super reliable, although my two drakes were much larger than the others from the git go.
  5. lollie123

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    Apr 10, 2015
  6. crisisfarm2

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    Mar 28, 2015
    Hanna City
    My babies are almost 2 weeks and I know they are too young to tell. I can't hardly wait. [​IMG]
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  7. ChocoboMamma

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    Apr 19, 2015
    So I've got two Khaki Campbells, they're about 6 weeks old, any idea how much longer til I'll be able to tell? They both still peep like little ones with some kinda quacky noises once in a while? Neither has any distinctive feather stuff going on yet either. I'm so anxious to know 'cause if they're boys we may have to figure out a way to separate them from their chicken sisters.
  8. corri

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    Jan 1, 2015
    [​IMG] Any way to tell the sex of this duckling by the color? I know you can't with all breeds. Mom is a khaki campbell and dad is a Pekin.
  9. PuddleDucky

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    Jun 8, 2015
    Hey! So, I have this trio of ducklings I'm trying to sex.
    I'm terrible at record keeping right now, but I can guess that they're about 3 or 4 weeks old (they hatched the middle of May).
    Color wise, they're some definition of silver, and are mostly Call duck, with maybe some East Indie in there (if what the seller said about their grandma's parentage is true).

    They looked like Silver Appleyard ducklings when they hatched, and have stayed that way. A very washed out wild pattern all over, with darker markings on the head and tail region. Orange feet. Orange bills with varying dark markings.

    I thought I had them pegged with the bill color. [​IMG] I had two with a dark streak down their bill ending in a dark bean, and one with a very pale streak and bean. I was almost positive that the pale one had to be the female.

    Today, I had them in my lap for cuddle time, and noticed that the feathers under twos' tails are almost solid black (save for a little red here and there) with a pale rim on each feather. The remaining duckling's under-tail feathers are a creamy brown color, with very little dark.
    Since the ducklings are almost identical other than that, I feel like this has some diabolical meaning.

    Can you sex silvers by the color of those feathers?
    And if so, can you help me figure out what I have? XD
    Thanks to anyone who can help! <3
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  10. Katelynschicks

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    May 8, 2015
    southern maine
    [​IMG] anyone know what sex mine are. [​IMG]

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