Sexing Legbar Chicks and Identifying the Icelandic!


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Nov 18, 2020
Will you all kindly help me identify the Icelandic chick in the mix and then provide your thoughts on the sexes of the remaining legbars? They are opal legbar roo over opal and cream legbar hens. Thanks!
The opal gene really confuses matters. I see four with head spots, including the pale one on the far left. I think those are male legbars. The one at the top looks like a female opal legbar. One of the other two chipmunk striped chicks must be the Icelandic but I am not sure which. But you should know when they get wing feathers. Legbars have barring to their feathers while Icelandics do not.

Definitely get plenty of other opinions to be sure.

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