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    Jun 1, 2017
    Dandelion (boy?)
    IMG_0632.JPG Buttercup (girl?) and Poppy (boy?)
    IMG_0557.JPG I have three white silkies that are about 9 weeks old. I have heard that they are slow to develop and hard to determine gender, but is behavior a good early predictor? Two of my silkies (Dandelion and Poppy) do a lot of chest bumping, which makes me think they are cockerels. The third silkie (Buttercup) never does this. She (?) just hangs out by herself most of the time. Do females grow combs? I am new to this...
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    Both sexes will chest bump. Your first one has a large single comb so the size of it may indicate a cockeral. You will have to wait a bit longer as silkies are slower to develop sexual characteristics than other breeds.
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    My daughter owns a pair of 4 month old Silkies. Snow (left) and Olaf (right). Olaf stands more upright, is noticably larger and is kind of protective of my hens. Even facially he looks more masculine (lol as masculine as a silkie can anyway). About when could I expect a "cock-a-doodle doo" for verification? lol

    Any guesses?

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    Dandelion does have large wattles, so I believe it's a cockerel. The comb is all wrong, is this a hatchery silkie.

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