Sexing Young Sebrights? [added decent picture of comb]


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So, I have a 4 week old golden sebright that I recently bought. I've been looking around on the internet to try and get half a guess on whether I have a rooster, because the sebrights were straight run. I don't think that I could get anything definite at this age, but if she(optimistic lol) looks roostery I would like to know. I'm pretty sure I could keep her as a pet, and I can trade her in if I need to, but I would want to start devising plans to keep an indoor cockerel.


Overall body.


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Sebrights are hard to tell. You can't look at their feathers and tell like most other breeds.
I would guess yours is a hen
It is really cute!
You should be able to tell by the comb by 4 weeks at the earliest. As for my opinion, I'm thinking rooster. I don't know if it's just coincidence or not, but it seems like the roosters always have more gold on their head. Not necessarily proven but it seems like that to me.
Thanks, that's interesting. More gold on the head? I wish I'd looked more at the other sebright chicks better, I'll remember that.

Just put on a picture of the comb, maybe someone who's seen more birds can tell me if it's something obvious.
But yeah, I know that now. We actually went back to the chicken lady because our black australorp died last night (
) and we were hoping for a replacement so the poor little rock wouldn't be so lonely. There were 3 sebrights left, they're actually 6-7 weeks old, and all three that were left including the one my brother now has barely had a little black comb at all.

Oh, and I noticed they all had a lot less gold on them too - head and all other feathers, though that might also be partially them being the last ones left out of a bunch. You seem to be right on that account!

Guess I've got to find a nice little crate for him at night now.

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