sexlink female chick about 8 wks old eye problems


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Jun 4, 2010
All I know of the breed is sexlink, but she looks ameracauna (spelling) to me - greenish colored legs, honey colored feathers ... about a week ago one of my chicks (after water ran out and no one noticed) had really weepy eyes. I immediately put in fresh water for them all ... her eyes kept getting worse so I immediatedly used a natural borax eyewash on her thinking she may have gotten so dehydrated that we almost killed her. And then I've been applying vetropolycin twice a day to her eyes since Sunday... she opens them now but they are really sunken inside, somewhat red/swollen looking, still quite watery looking, and not bright at all but her eyes are not leaking stuff out (there's no crusting on her eyelids or anything) ... she has been quarantined with another chick that has had an eye problem since little (been treating her the same as the first and she's fine). With the sick one her appetite seems fine, she's drinking water and scratching around for bugs and stuff. But she seems to be weazing ... I read on another list that chickens don't get colds and it may be a virus. I have amoxicillin I'd like to start giving her to clear up her chest/nasal ... is this alright? If so, what dose should I give her? It is a liquid with a dosed dropper. Should I stop treating her eyes if I'm putting her on antibiotic? Any suggestions would be most appreciated. We are new at this and not sure what exactly to do. I want to do everything I can to help her before having to take her to the vet. Oh, when I first started treating her she was weak when I picked her up ... now she has gotten her strength back and clucks at me but still slow to heal. Her poop looks okay and she's been on medicated chick starter food and a little bit of cracked corn and bird seed. Right now she's in a pet cage with newspaper and a box inside for housing. I can get a picture of her eyes if need to be so you can see them if that would help. All the other chicks are fine and they LOVE tomatoes!


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May 29, 2009
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Is she separated from the flock?

A chicken can get what's called "coryza", which is a respiratory illness like humans get but it is caused by a bacteria, not a virus. It is contagious, too. It is treated with antibiotics. Here's just one link from Google . . . do a search on this site and a google search and I think you'll see your chickens symptoms
smile.png This is one of many.

What I did read is that the penicillins (amoxicillin is one) are NOT listed as effective. Instead, the ----mycins are, like erythromycin, streptomycin, etc. Also, the sulfa drugs (Dimethox, Corid) which are easier to find in a feed store. Since she is eating and drinking, it sounds like you could use an oral route, like putting it in her water. As far as amounts to use, go, that info will be easy to find by following directions on the meds you do give.

Since it is so contagious, I'm afraid you'll have to treat the whole flock. Clean out their coop, change out and sanitize all feeders and waterers, clean their living area good and spray down with a bleach solution. Sigh, what a pain in the rump, huh?

Some chickens can become carriers. Depending on how far you want to pursue this, there's LOTS of info here and on the net. Good luck

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