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Jul 12, 2017
Does anyone know what this could possible hen stands and then shakes or trembles like shes cold and then sits again. She barely walks around. I have to bring food to her for her to eat it..when i pick her up one or both feet shake like parkinsons disease kinda..its the only way i can best describe, please help!
Is she staying in the nesting box and how old is she? How long has this been going on.

It's odd... but even though I don't let my ladies sit and loose condition when they become broody... they are ALWAYS shaking like that.

ETA: when they become broody.
No she just sits anywhere on the pen floor, out in the grass, she dorsnt walk around and if she does she will take a few shaky steps and sit again. She is approx a 5 month old silkie and hasnt laid an egg yet. I checked a few things around egg binding but have ruled that out.
Sorry your girl isn't feeling well. :(

Ok.. what are you feeding including treats and supplements? How has your weather been? How many birds total in how much space? Is anybody bullying her in her current condition? How long have you noticed her doing this? Have you seen what her droppings look like? Can you tell if it's getting worse? What does she do when she is sitting? Is she pecking at grass, or snoozing? How alert is she? When you bring her food and water is she eating and drinking? Any noticeable changes in eye color or pupil size in either eye? Have you already checked for parasites like worms, mites or lice? Can you hear her breathing? Answering these questions might help get clues as to what's going on.

This definitely isn't a good sign... sitting prey. A chicken will hide any weakness they can just as long as possible. :hmm

@casportpony, @Eggcessive, @ChickenCanoe, @Wyorp Rock... Any ideas here? :fl
How cold is it? Is she drinking water and eating well? My bantams tend to shiver when or right after I hold them, but she might be cold. I would try either some Poultry Cell or NutriDrench 1 ml daily by mouth, or some chick vitamins with electrolytes.
I have a Production Red hen who is 2 years old, and has done that for as long as I can remember. She is completely fine other than that, though.

She always does it when I pick her up, but it gets worse when it gets colder.

She is a completely happy hen though :D
Only have 8 hens in a large pen, the weather has been raining and then humid. Her poos look normal green brown with white caps. Have treated for lice and wormed. She will eat if i put food infront of her but very little. When she stands she shakes and very fluffed up. Hold wings out and pants several times a day. Have been giving and all round antibiotic. Garlic, Avc and syringe feeding. The main concern is her not walking, she can walk but diesnt want to. She stands there and shakes and then sits.
Can you take a poop sample to your vet for testing?

The not walking and shaking - has she possibly been injured or pecked on the head?
How long has she been doing this?
Last few days it been happening. No visable injuries. All the silkies get along in the pen. So i dont think a peck has done it.

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