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Oct 8, 2012
portland. oregon
I have 3 new chicks that are going to be sharing a run with older hens soon. At the advise from some of you, I've decided to split the run in two until the chicks are older. I heard 12 weeks should be old enough. My question is is this old enough to introduce them to each other? I put the babies outside yesterday in the run for the first time and one of my older gals did not like them at all. she was at the run making all sorts of noises.I hope today she will be better.
After two weeks of being out in the tractor with the hens pecking around it we have our 8 week old chick out with or hens for the first time today but they are free ranging. There have been some dust ups so I wouldn't put them together in any area where the little ones can't get away until the new chickens are about laying age.

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