She bit me! Hard!

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    I have a mix of 6, 3-4 year old hens and 7, 10 week olds.
    Last night I figured they were getting along great and took the extra feeder out of the run.

    Tonight, I stepped in to fill the feeder and change the water.
    I bent over to pet one of my hens that was squatting for me, (I am a very proud rooster as they just started this.) a crowd of the little girls came running up, (nothing abnormal there) but then they started pecking me like crazy and Sunshine bit me HARD! [​IMG] This all happened in a matter of seconds.

    I have learned my lesson and placed the old feeder back in the run.
    I am hoping to have more civilzed birds tomorrow.

    The offending party:
    She is very pretty, but if she keeps this up, she's headed to freezer camp this year!
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    May 28, 2011
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    Sounds like displacement biting. Our African Grey Parrot does that. If I'm holding him and my daughter comes into the room, and especially if she speaks to me, he bites me really hard too. May be their way of saying "Hey! I don't like that/those/them.....and I mean it!" I believe it's a behavior that may or may not pass.

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