She got attacked , now she cannot stand or even squat. advise please!


8 Years
Jul 30, 2011
Last Thursday we found her (barred rock pullett 17 wks) in the corner, Everyone attacked her!
She has no open wounds on her head, they were very superficial, however most of her comb is not there anymore, but she didnt have much of one yet.
They chewed up her rearend really good, a few tail feathers left, like 7, but cleaned and nesporined, scabbed well.
They chewed a nasty spot on heer right wing, again, cleaned, neosporined, good scabbing....
We obviousely took her in the house, she has yogurt, scrambled eggs, vitamins, prednisone, and wound care BUT!! Now she cannot stand, cannot squat, If I hold her up i can get her to almost squat position but then she tenses her legs and stands and falls over and lays on her side.
She is keeping her head tucked in and slighlty to the right. I am in the mode of force feeding her, she seems like she is gasping but not really, I take advantage of evey time she opens her beak i put a dropper of vitamin water or drop a pellet, or squirt some yogurt into her........
I am so trying but I dont know what else to do.......

Sounds like things have changed and now she may be septic. She needed to be put on antibiotic right away. You can go to your local feed store and purchase antibiotics for her. I hope it is not to late for her
I have given her cefelexin, because we were afraid of infection....i dont see much of an improvement for two days now.... I will continue tho...
Bravo to you for being such a good chicken mama!!! Best wishes and keep up the good work. I hope you can nurse her back to the best of health.
ok so she is till hanging in there..... Her wound on her wing is healed and the wounds onhe butt are awesome... nice and scabbed!! She endures a daily bath and blowdry, too funny!! I am force feeding her every couple of hours. I have corid in her water because he coopmates have been diagnosed with cocci.... she is pretty lethargic, looks at me once in a while as I am forcing yogurt and water into her...... she is pooping a couple times a day, but she still cannot stand, she holds her legs straight out like she is stretching. She has no blood in her poop.
My question is should i start her on vitamins? She has has corid since saturday and I am afraid it may strip her of her nutrition.... I can not believe she is still with us.... but she keeps fighting. She wants to keep going so I want to keep trying. Any suggestions would be great!

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