She is scared of everything. HELP!!!


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Feb 24, 2015
I have 8 seven week old chicks. I was taking them out to my garden and putting them in a run, when one of my Buff Orpingtons flew out of my arm. My small dog ran up to the fence, grabbed my chick, and pulled it through the fence. My dog bite it a couple of times but she didn't kill it. I checked my chick and it looks like just a few feathers were pulled out. I have her isolated from the other chicks, because she is very scared of them. She runs away from the other chicks and huddles in a corner. I tried introducing them one-on-one but she does the same thing. I brought her a different food and water dish, but she refuses to eat or drink so i have to dip her beak in the dishes to get her to eat or drink. She basically just sits in place for hours huddled in a ball. She does eat and drink when i dip her beak in the dishes ,but she won't do it on her own. Please help me, I don't know what to do. I can't afford to take her to a vet. I really want to save her ,but if it is hopeless i don't want to put her through any pain.
Is the anxious behavior of this chick just manifested after the dog attack? Or was this chick this way before the attack?

If this behavior has resulted from the attack, then it's quite possible your chick is in shock. It's common for them not to want to eat after a shock of this nature.

It's also possible the chick received puncture wounds that you weren't able to see right after the attack. Look her over again very systematically and make sure there are no red areas of infection. If you see any, then you need to start her on a round of antibiotics.

Keep her warm and quiet. Make sure she eats and drinks because she may not want to do that on her own for a while. With some TLC, there's a good chance she'll recover.
Thank you so much. She has no infection so that is good. How long will shock last???
Also, she used to be very social and only started showing fear after she was attacked.
Shock varies depending on the individual. Most of the time they recover.

If it were my chick, I would handle her a lot, make sure she eats and drinks, and slowly get her used to being back with her mates. Maybe you could take one of the normal chicks and put it in with her. Even if she shows fear, leave it over night with her. My guess is she will calm down and accept the chick. If it's working, introduce a second chick.

When her behavior returns to normal, then return all three chicks to the rest of the flock.

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