She isn't walking just doing an army crawl :(


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Jul 15, 2009
Everyone knows about the eggs we have been hatching that are from Cocoa's clutch that are hatching a week+ after the rest of the clutch. The first is doing great. The second one that finaly was able to get out of her egg this morning is really having a problem. When I got up this morning the membrane was just completely stuck to her and she couldn't move. You could see her trying to push but she just couldn't. I had to peel away the shell until it was about half way off then I left her and she was able to do the rest.

She has been my lap duck all morning because the older one is just terrible at picking on her. Everytime I set her down she just sits there, even with that bigger one picking on her. She tried to get to the food and just crawled it looks like. Her chest was on the ground and she never lifted up her upper body, looks like an army crawl. Now that she has been hatched for 8 hours I was thinking she should have at least been able to do that drunken duckling walk around. Nope, she just sits there. When she does try to get up she stand on her feet and the leg part between the ankle and knee. I know I have read about ducklings doing this but I can't find it or how to help.

ANyone know a link or how to help her.

She has ate and drank so she is trying but she just isn't trying to stand. I looked at her feet and legs nothing is swollen and she doesn't hold them out to the side.

ETA: Oh yea, she is named Hershey.
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I hope for little Hershey that her delay is just from being cramped up so long. I sometimes find some doing more of a crawl for a while - even as long as 36 hours. Usually they are ones that have pipped the wrong end of the egg- or have needed help for some reason. She may need a little more time...But check the hocks- if she is walking on them like you say- their could be an issue there..Maybe just weakness- but a slipped tendon can also cause then to walk on the hocks.
I had that with one duckling that was stuck. It even looked like it had a deformed leg and could not walk. I did give it electrolytes with vitamins to drink. You can even add a little bit of sugar to it. The duck may not want to drink to you have to put its bill into the water and make it take a zip. Repeat that every couple of hours. I've kept mine in the incubator overnight. It mainly rested, but it was up the next day walking. A little bit weak at a first. I gave it feed mush with electrolytes. The day after that it ran with the others. So your duckling may be just over exhausted so things are not working right. Other ducklings will pick at it, because it does not appear normal to them.
Thanks! I am hoping that she is just tired and weak from the hatching. She is eating and drinking, thank goodness.

When I got Cocoa and Ebony (the parents) they never had any issues.
Poly Vi Sol infant vitamins without iron...put a dropperful in a bowl and dip her beak in it at least twice a day until she improves. Offer water with poultry electrolytes often, every hour if you can manage it. You have to get her going while she still has yolk left in her system or she may not pull out of it. Good luck! I had one who it took three days of duckie ICU here and she pulled out of it on the third morning before I was going to have to cull her. She is now one of my favorites and I have retained her; she went to her first show last weekend and did fine.

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