She was dumped here, I don't have the heart to let her be a stray (:

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Mar 17, 2008
San Antonio
She needs a name. So far I've been thinking of Bella because it means beautiful.
Oh yeah, anyone have any idea what breed she may be? Poor thing has a scar on her shoulder that looks like it's from a cigar burn.

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OMG - she is too sweet....keep her...someone dumped a little black kitten at the end of my driveway about a month ago...I couldn't NOT keep her...Walden Webster Wigglesworth is her name
...Wiggy for short....keep her....
OOOH How cute!!! What a face! I would vote pittie / Lab mix... with something with big ears thrown in for giggles!
I say Pit Bull cross with who knows what lol

I love the name Bella, that is our cats name!

We just adopted our foster puppy today, her name is Peanut Butter.
Abandoning or dumping animals is becoming an epidemic! My mom just dropped off a dog here last week that somebody dumped outside her work~ we're keeping him too.

Your little girl there is beautiful. I love the different color eyes. I hope she tells you her name soon!

Thank you for doing the right thing by her.
Shes a bit skittish, I don't think she's been treated right, but she's really playful, and she's full of that puppy energy. She is starting to listen pretty good, and she hasn't chased any of my chickens yet.

I have one dog who is a sweetheart, good with my chickens and everything, but she seems to be showing the nubie who's the boss. She's sitting on her lol.

I love all the names so far, I am also considering Luna. Her eye reminds me of a moon.

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