She won't come out of the nest!

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    I've been recoopin' from surgery & the DSW has been tending the girls full time. Yesterday afternoon she told me that a leghorn got on the nest late in the day. Two eggs short so thought not much of it. She was still on the nest after lites out & still there this morning. The lh was a bit squawky, so the wife didn't venture to look under her to see what was going on. She thought this lh might be the one that's been laying the ex-ex-large eggs & had one stuck. Anyway, I went down this morning, & she's still there on the nest. But I reach under her & she's laying on one large white egg & one brown egg. I can't really feel anything lodged in her, but I do see that she's lost all her lower breast feathers. she egg plugged, gone broody, or molting? Please don't tell me all of the above! [​IMG]
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    Sounds like a broody.
  3. Yep, sounds like a broody. They pluck their chest feathers out to get their skin next to the eggs to keep them warm. Unusual for a leghorn to go broody.

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