Shed coop flooring help needed

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  1. rwolfe12

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    Jul 30, 2014
    We are building a 8'x8' shed. But have decided to make it our coop. The floor is plywood, should I seal it with something or just put what ever substrate down. What would be best? Sand? Pine bedding would get to smelly and wet I'm thinking I would ruin the plywood.
  2. twoacrefarm

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    Jun 12, 2016
    We have sand in ours. It was cheap, $10 for a truckload and it is super easy clean up. I rake and scoop daily, keeps the smell down.
  3. mobius

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    Lots of folks put down rolled vinyl to protect the plywood floor...that is what I have in mine, and it makes it easy to scrub and hose out when cleaning time comes around. I put pine shavings on top of this for the chickens bedding.

    think about a poop tray under the roosts for daily cleaning if you don't want to do deep litter. My pine shavings are not smelly and wet, nor is the coop, and the shavings are about six inches deep. That is not deep litter, but it is working quite well.
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    mobius idea is good, protects the plywood floor but then you can put whatever substrate on it. There's alot to read about sand vs pine shavings, this it's preference. I thought of sand but it gets heavy when wet, rains alot here. I use pine shaving and sprinkle PDZ, if ventilation is good, there shouldn't be a smell and the shavings can be used in the yard/gardens. I also feed FF which I know cuts the poo smell down too. Only you can decide the best substrate to use but I would do what mobius did, lay a protection for the plywood.
  5. twoacrefarm

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    Jun 12, 2016
    @mobius how often do you change the shaving? We have vinyl on top of our plywood too. Maybe we'do be better off to use shavings..
  6. mobius

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    Thank you for asking! There is considerable debate on this/these topics. I actually add new shavings about once a month, an inch or two. At least once weekly I toss the shavings or better, put scratch or treats in there and let the chickens toss it for me.

    I also add shredded paper from time to time...and the chickens layer it for me. I clean out completely twice a year: Spring and Fall. I hose everything down including the walls and scrub with a vinegar spray (I will use soap on the floor if necessary) and a good scrub brush. The used litter from the coop goes directly into the run, where it becomes part of the compost system in my run.

    The addition of PDZ (feed store) is a good idea on keeping down odor. I haven't used it but it is popular. I did sprinkle a little HYDRATED lime under the shavings as a lice/mite preventative. I also feed fermented food, which cuts down on all waste odor. Coop smells fresh and clean.

    Thing is, you can read here and experiment. If you dont like shavings, try something else. It is alterable.

    I could not possibly use sand in my very cold climate. It appears it can become a maintenance issue and an illness issue as it is hard underfoot for the chickens. I would rather give them something soft underfoot they can dig in and land on comfortably from the roosts.

    PS No matter what, there will be dust. No matter what you use. Fact of chicken coops. The twice yearly clean out helps, plus an interim soft brushing of coop walls once in a while.
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    Welcome to BYC!

    Protecting the plywood floor is a very good idea...paint, blackjack roofing sealer, vinyl...lots of options.

    I used a single sheet of heavy duty foam back vinyl and am very happy with it.
    Topped with dried pine shavings that I only change out totally once or twice a year.
    But I use a poop board

    Sand is much discussed, many tout it as the miracle bedding but it doesn't work well long term in most situations.
    Check out the advanced search option for your research.
    advanced search>titles only>sand

    Adding your location to your profile will help folks give better answers suggestions.
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  8. ScottandSam

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    Dec 24, 2016
    Shell Knob, Missouri
    From what I've read this is kind of a preference. We use blackjack 57 and I am more than happy with it. My wife scrapes it with a snow shovel sometimes to get the hay out and the coating has held up perfectly for the last year. Here a pic of a room in our coop . We painted up the walls @ 3' too. the white is geese dirt around the feeder. We are just about to do our yearly hose down, But a moist cloth just wipes ever thing back off and the walls and floor look new again
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